Mark Tierney/Jackie Bristow, Los Angles 2019

Man I Left Behind is the first single from new band the SILVER STRANGERS formed by well known singer/songwriter and solo artist Jackie Bristow and songwriter/producer Mark Tierney.

It blends Jackie’s unique take on Americana folk with Mark’s love of ambient layers for a cinematic take on the music of the American desert. It’s a widescreen mix of blues, trip hop and ambient guitar layers. 

“We’d initially started working together a few years back with me directing a few videos for Jackie, but I was surprised when Jackie suggested working together musically,” says Mark. “On the drive back from the lunch we’d had together I started humming a tune, and that became Man I Left Behind. In fact my vocals on it are from that car ride!”

For Nashville based Jackie Bristow SILVER STRANGERS is the first band she’s ever been in. “It’s so freeing! I can explore different parts of myself and my voice. And I’ve also never only been the singer before. A whole load of firsts!”

Man I Left Behind (Tierney/Bristow) is the first track from their upcoming EP Silver Strangers out in early 2020.